The 2017 Pink Ribbon Breakfast, coordinated by Cancer Australia, was held in Sydney on Tuesday 3rd of October. A focus of this year’s breakfast was breast cancer in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women.

Our Community Reference Group co-chair, Sandy Miller, was interviewed at the breakfast about her experience with breast cancer. Sandy said “The experience that I had, I felt very supported. And support is one of the main requirements for women who are going through breast cancer.”

A feature of the breakfast was the launch of Cancer Australia’s new video ‘Lots to Live For’ that aims to raise awareness and the importance of early detection of breast cancer. The video was created to inform Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and communities how to detect signs of breast cancer with the video being easy to share with family and friends on Social Media.

South Australia is also represented on the Cancer Australia Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Board by Sandy Miller as a consumer, and Tanya McGregor, while being chaired by Jacinta Elston.